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The tradition of romagna

In Romagna, the love of cooking is not up for discussion.. and in our kitchen there is so much! Our cook, Teresa will know how to impress you and to make you rediscover the genuine taste of a time. Already from breakfast, you'll find the authenticity of our land, in cookies, in cakes, in tarts and classic cakes that will make you start the day with a smile. You'll also find croissants, fresh fruit, dried fruit, bread, yogurt, jams, cereals, milk (including soy and rice) and fruit juice. If instead do you prefer the salty: cold cuts, cheese, plain salt, and eggs.

Dough rolled out on the
rolling pin
Prepared with love and experience

As a tradition, the fresh pasta in our hotel is prepared by us and strictly pulled from the rolling pin. Every day at lunch and dinner you can enjoy a rich menu of traditional dishes of the romagna prepared by our unsurpassed cook, Teresa.
Traditional dishes cooked and revisited, for the ultimate taste: forget the diet at the Hotel Alsen and ask for the bis!
On request we offer an alternative menu for those who suffer from allergies or intolerance.

The secrets of the family

In romagnolo the word Luvirie is used to mean want of things good and tasty, and by us of the delicacies you'll find really many!
Our cook, Teresa knows all the secrets of the cuisine, handed down from generation to generation, that allow to make every dish that the kitchen really good.
Here are some of our traditional recipes.

Here's how to prepare delicious spaghetti with “poveracce”, as they say here in italy.
Take this mussel typical of the Adriatic, and put it in the water on the fire, and once it is opened, remove the clam that lies within. The water, filtratela and pour it into another container in order to “clean” from any sand.
Sauté with olive oil, garlic and parsley add a part of water of water of poveracce, when you got a sauce fragrant, add the poveracce and boil on a slow fire until completely cooked. If you wish, you can season with a little pepper.
The sauce is ready to season the spaghetti in the meantime you have already cooked. A curiosity: every morning when you wake up you can see the vessels that collect the legendary poveracce of the Adriatic right in front of our hotel, or you can join the many people that the “fish” early in the morning in low tide.

Start by cleaning the squid then wash , dry and flour them. In a pan, put oil, when it begins to smoke pour in the liquid, some of the squid.
Do not cook them all at once, to be well cooked this shellfish must “take” well to the oil. In a matter of a few minutes, this special dish will be ready, salted, and served with a bit of lemon.

Ingredients for 4 people
500gr of white flour, 50gr of lard (or 5 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil), salt, a pinch of baking soda, lukewarm water.
Place the flour on the cutting board. Stir in the lard (or oil) and add the salt and baking soda. With the help of lukewarm water, and knead the whole until obtaining a firm dough. Divide it into 8 balls of dough and leave to rest for about 30 minutes under a napkin.
Heat the baking dish (earthenware, cast iron or a modern non-stick). Spread the breads with a rolling pin until you get the discs about 25cm in diameter and is 3/4mm of height and cook it on the pan warm a few minutes per side. To turn the piadina, lift it with a knife with a long blade. When cooked, cut into two and serve. With the Piadina romagnola .... the piadina is pads in a thousand ways: with cold meats such as ham, mortadella, salami, lard, etc.... or with the squacquerone cheese and rocket salad, with salad of radicchio and onion, or stuffed with tomatoes and eggplant in the gratin, with savoy cabbage in winter, or with herbs of the field throughout the year. In short, the flatbread is good with everything... and is also good by herself!

To cook a good dish of mussels marinara behave in this way: clean the shells of mussels with a big knife. Take a pot, put it on fire and pour in the mussels, add a few cloves of garlic, chopped not too finely, a bunch of chopped parsley with your hands, salt, pepper, olive oil and lemon juice.
Mixed with the energy and leave it on the fire in a covered pot for about ten minutes. When the mussels are open, the dish will be ready to be served with the sauce and a sprinkling of lemon juice. A greedy curiosity, it is proper to make the shoe in the broth of the mussels.
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We were reccomended this hotel by one of my wifes students who raved about it, we were not dissapointed from the moment we arrived to the time we left the family who run this hotel could not have been so helpfull.Tstandard of our bedroom was so high far above the 3 star rating , kept clean by a maid everyday to a very high standard the bathroom was larger than normal and every where in the hotel was clean.(...)

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